Alliance Tournament V : Competitors' Introduction - Part I

The Fifth Alliance Tournament is almost upon us. This year's entrants include a number of new, smaller and mostly unknown alliances as well as the established tournament veterans. Over the next few articles the Interstellar Correspondents would like to give you a brief introduction to a selection of the alliances taking part.

This article will introduce HUN Reloaded, The Star Fraction and Pandemic Legion

HUN Reloaded (RAX)

RAX was formed in April 109. Consisting of a small core group of corporations led by HUN Corp.

The Fourth Alliance Tournament saw their debut in the competition. Despite GalNet observers not expecting them to progress far, they only lost one match during the group stages and came top of their group. A good performance saw them conquer Atlas Alliance and The Five to reach the tournament final. After a battle with Pandemic Legion, RAX was crowned the tournament champions.

The original draw for this years tournament did not feature the defending champions, allegedly due to some to oversight on the part of the organisers. However, when one of the other teams was withdrawn by the organisers, HUN Reloaded were given a chance to defend their title.

The Star Fraction (-SF-)

Formed in January 107, SF describe themselves as an "Alliance of Free Captains and Revolutionary Heroes committed to opposing the spread of imperialist memetics and territorial exclusion across the...cluster." With Jericho Fraction at the core and old friends in Stimulus inside the Alliance presumably for the duration of the tournament, they'll be bringing the same faces to the fights as previous years.

SF have been in a couple of tournaments so far. Last year they made it to the quarter finals and were knocked out by eventual finalists Pandemic Legion.

During the Fourth Alliance Tournament SF claimed the biggest 'scalp' and caused a memorable upset by besting three-time champions the Band of Brothers, dominating them with a 10-Thorax gang.

Their success against Ascendant Frontier in the previous year's tournament has given the group a certain "giant killer" mystique and many will be watching to see if they live up to it again this year.

Pandemic Legion (-10.0)

Pandemic were formed in January 109 and currently consists of eight corporations led by Sniggerdly.

Last year they came top of their group, beating THE R0NIN and GoonSwarm to the top spot. They then went on to beat Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate and The Star Fraction before losing to HUN Reloaded in the final.

With a strong performance last year many GalNet observers will be monitoring their progress.

More coverage will be available live during the tournament. HUN Reloaded will have its first fight on Day Two against RONA Alliance. On Day One, The Star Fraction will face Molotov Coalition and Pandemic Legion will face Brutally Clever Empire.