A Cemetery Grows

MOLEA - A lone pod pilot tends a cemetery she has lovingly crafted in orbit above the planet of Molea II. The caretaker, Azia Burgi, has anchored over four hundred small secure caskets in distinct rows.

Each casket contains the recovered corpse of a pod pilot, as well as an inscription identifying the decedent. Multiple corpses of the same pilot are “upgraded” to Mausoleum status. Any pod pilot with a corpse in Azia’s cemetery is welcome to request a customized inscription.

“I thought it was a little sad that people just left their victims corpses alone in space after such a violent death. I used to have a small cemetery of about ten or so corpses in Kor-Azor Prime. There used to be a ruined cathedral there but it crumbled away, then CONCORD upgraded the system’s security status so I had to move the corpses if I wanted to keep adding to it. I chose Molea as the location of the new cemetery because it was quiet and close to my home system.”

A quick view of the cemetery reveals two distinct lines of graves: “Originally I just had them in a random cloud. Then I decided to see if I could make the line of graves reach the planet surface. A friend suggested that they would prefer to be buried in the rings so I'm now trying to get a line to reach the rings. I haven't got around to moving the older cans.”

Azia has collected only forty of the corpses herself; the rest have been donated to her by sympathetic pod pilots. Although she currently has a backlog of over six hundred corpses to inter, she is hoping that the pod pilot community will continue to collect the abandoned dead of New Eden and pass them to her for proper care. Azia’s current corporation affiliation does not allow anyone else to inter and anchor secure caskets on her behalf, so it remains this sole pod pilot’s endeavor.

Please contact Azia directly for further details and donation instructions.

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