6th Alliance Tournament Qualifying Rounds Have Begun

The qualifying rounds for the 6th Alliance Tournament have begun. Eight of the sixteen fights scheduled for today have been completed and results can be found in the link below.

Abaddon Under Attack

Despite what many pod pilots felt was going to be an Ishtar vs. Ishtar tournament, the first 16 teams have fielded a wide variety of ships including marauders and frigates.

Several teams have already fielded specific-class ships in their fleets. Most notable were Against ALL Authorities' team of nine Fleet Issue Stabbers and a single Claymore, and Cult of War's team of eight Caracal Navy Issues and a pair of Lachesis cruisers.

Electronic warfare was used extensively as well, as demonstrated by the use of tracking disruptors and a large swarm of electronic warfare drones deployed by Dead Terrorists on their win against Alternative Reality.

Coverage will continue throughout the event and full match reports can be found on GalNet.