Triglavian Collective

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The Triglavian Collective appears to be a human civilization that secluded itself in the depths of Abyssal Deadspace centuries, perhaps millennia ago. The Triglavian civilization has demonstrable expertise in advanced space-time mechanics, coupled with a mastery of bioadaptive technology that it uses to survive the shifting environments of the Abyss.


The Triglavian Collective has a complex social structure that is not easy for outsiders to understand on the strength of the limited observations made so far. One important element of the civilization is the so-called 'Clades', which clearly play a vital role in all aspects of the Collective.

The Convocation of Triglav

The Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle appears to be a central organizing body for the Triglavian Collective. Data recovered from Triglavian structures and wreckage indicates that the Perun, Svarog, and Veles Clades are all represented in the Convocation.

Perun Clade

The Perun Clade seems to be made up of many subclades and appears to be accomplished in space-time mechanics, high-impulse and FTL engine construction, and electronic systems. The Perun Clade apparently exerts itself in the sphere of strategic leadership of the Collective to a greater degree than others.

Svarog Clade

The Svarog Clade is apparently made up of many subclades and the evidence so far indicates strengths in combat vessel construction, the development of novel weapon systems and extensive use of bioadaptive mutaplasmid technology. The Svarog Clade seems the most aggressive and traditional, while inclined to explore new opportunities.

Veles Clade

The Veles Clade seems to be made up of many subclades and is seemingly very strong in the fields of heavy space industry, communications technology and high-energy exotic particle physics. The Veles Clade seems to prize discourse and diplomacy, after a fashion, over strife – that is, if the evidence has been understood correctly.

The Navka Overminds are a form of rogue drone swarm that can be encountered in significant numbers throughout Abyssal Deadspace wherever Triglavian infrastructure is present. The designation 'Navka' seems to have some relationship to a subdivision of the Triglavian race that runs across the so-called 'clades'.

It would seem that the Navka Overminds are either entirely suborned to Triglavian purposes or, perhaps more worryingly, are willingly working with them.